Snez' eye makeup - The Bachelor Australia 2015

Snez wearing my #Favourite lash with #Lashme underlash. "no filter"
Snez wearing my #fablash. "no filter"

​I loved working on this beautiful face. This is how i did her eyes:

1. Wipe entire eyelid with toner to take away excess oil.

2. Apply foundation over entire eye, remember inner corner and up to brow.

3. Using a black eyeliner apply right around lash line inner and out. Using a small brush smudge the outer line.

4. Using a large eye shadow brush apply translucent powder over entire eye.

5. Using a matt pink apply over lid. Change colour to a cream and highlight under brow bone and inner eye.

6. Using a smaller eye shadow brush dip into a dark purple and trace over the black liner, smudging it up into triangle on outer corner. Clean brush with tissue and blend softly.

6. Using an angle brush apply some powder into the brows.

7. Curl lashes and apply mascara.

8. Apply my lashes, #Favourites this will elongate her eyes even more. Use my #Lashme underlash, they have a built in liner so no need for touch ups throughout the night when wearing these babies.

9. Finish off with a concealor and corrector under inner eye. This will create that bounce, gives a beautiful finish and makes the eyes pop.

10. Tip: If you find it hard to apply a lash after measuring it to your eye, cut into two or three and apply, makes it so much easier.

Hope you love it.


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