“Helen Dowsley Lashes Closing Down Sale!”

It is with a heavy heart that I am closing my lash shop down. I started this adventure ten years ago. I wanted to know why there was such a different price point on false lashes. I have always used a faux lash on all my clients, whether its to define an eye, take years off or just make that wow statement. A lash has always been my go to.

Travelling the world to find the perfect lash, what an adventure I had.

How much I have learnt about humans, their greed to make the mighty dollar. Using uneducated, poor human beings to slave away whilst the rich fill their pockets with more money than they know what to do with.

I’ve told this story before, at the start of my lash travelling and now with its closing. After knocking on many doors and flying to different parts of the world I was about to give up on my dream of making the perfect lash as I couldn’t bear to find one more misogynist with a team full of women working around the clock just, so they are able to feed their families. I saw a woman under a tin roof with her baby crawling in the mud whilst she was busy making lashes for the western women. Christian women working 365 days of the year. Not even allowed one day off to worship their God. I got so mad one day with a so-called manufacturer that I tracked him down and found him in a “gentleman’s” club. The elevator doors opened to two very surprised young gorgeous women explaining to me that I wasn’t allowed in the premises……...I looked them dead in the eye and said “Watch me” ………

I had one more door to knock on, I contemplated not worrying about it. “Have a holiday”, I thought to myself, but I made a list before leaving Australia and I needed to see them all. I remember the day perfectly. I had a beautiful breakfast sitting on top of an actual huge fish tank. The fish were happy, I had my favourite dress on and I was ready to go home so this last door knock should be a quick one.

Knock, knock……. Two little kids run out of the door laughing and giggling because they got to the door before mum did. A happy smiling, confident lady greeted me. I then was introduced to her husband and children. They took me on a tour of their small company, so I was able to talk to their employees (this never usually happens or if it does it is so staged). I was able to talk to them freely. I found a happy content environment. I learnt that the woman that greeted me use to work in a slave labour environment that use to make lashes for a very well-known brand. She met her husband who had been sent off at 12 years of age to Australia to get an engineer degree, so he would come back and help his family and country. They both decided to stay in the lash business but to do it the right way. They only employ girls that are in high school. Not that long ago it was normal for the girl to drop out of school by year 7 to either help the family on the farm, beg or even prostitute themselves for the good of the family. This manufacturer was very small but with big dreams.

Not only are my lashes hand made so the lash band is knitted so sits comfortably on the eye to not feel any discomfort they are all made of synthetic. Please believe me if you saw what the minks go through to get your lashes made, you would not buy them.

10years on……... we employ young girls in yrs. 9 and 10, we pay them well. If their father allows them to stay on to yr. 11 and 12 we double their wage. If he allows them to go to university, we look after the entire family plus we use their organic material on the farm to make my packaging!
It is proven, educate the females and they will come back and pull entire family out of poverty.

We now have university graduates from making my lashes, the lashes that you have supported.

My manufacturers now have a thriving business with companies in Europe and Japan.

Over the last few years my makeup world has become very confidential. I am unable to post what I get up too and advertise my lash brand as I am associated to other brands. I often thought “Just give the makeup up and concentrate on my lashes” …… that’s easier said than done. My boys are grown now but I still have the mentality of a single mum and need to make money to survive. I know how hard life throws things at you and I wasn’t about to go backwards and not be able to pay my own way. A year ago, I came so close to “making it”, I was told by a global company that it was between me and another that they were going to stock worldwide!......gasp!!!!!!...... but it was not meant to be. They explained that if Europe wasn’t in such crisis they would have loved to go with an ethical Aussie unknown brand but to be safe they went with a bigger known brand.

So, this is where I leave my story. I want to thank you for supporting me and many others with my “Ethically sourced” (that’s what my dad and myself came up with. I said to dad, they are ethical lashes. He emailed me back and explained that doesn’t really make sense, why don’t you say ethically sourced! And so, I did). It has been wonderful at times and heartbreaking at times.

I leave you with a big smile and a great sale, so you can take advantage of the best handmade, vegan lashes in the world – Helen Dowsley Lashes.

With much love


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