Helen Dowsley is one of Australia's leading and most exciting make-up talents.

She is the woman all the stars turn to for the most effortlessly glamorous look on TV and on the red carpet. She knows the secret to making the most of what every woman has.

Helen understands what every woman wants everyday - glamour, femininity and of course simplicity - in her skin care, make up, hair and wardrobe routine.

With this intrinsic knowledge of what women want, Helen has created the most talked about look to hit the beauty industry in years.


Helen Dowsley ethically sourced lashes.

Day or night, you can transform your look in a couple of easy steps in mere minutes.

If you want to look sexy, strong, sultry and seductive, you need “Helen Dowsley lashes”. If you want to up the ante in the boardroom, be the most stunning bride, walk the red carpet with confidence and accentuate your beauty, you need to “Helen Dowsley lashes”.

Helen Dowsley lashes took its creator, Helen, all over the world to find the most ethically-sound and the most beautiful product.

Helen works closely with a local manufacturer in South East Asia who understands that the eyes are indeed the windows to every woman's soul and together they have found the perfect lashes to enhance your beauty in minutes.

Helen Dowsley lashes – Natural or Prettygirl will thicken and lengthen your lashes and give you a fresh, youthful look. The look is perfect for heading out to the office, a lunch or even heading to the beach. Because they are so simple to apply and amplify your lashes, your eyes instantly light up and you sparkle. The look is contemporary, fun, and above all realistic and gives your beauty routine an added dimension.

Helen says:’ I love using Natural or Prettygirl lash in my work on TV and also in magazines.

Those lashes are fabulously versatile so whether I use them on a bride or on the many TV shows I work on. Natural or Prettygirl lashes always look stunning. They work so well for those beautiful Aussie beachy looks and also for my celebrity clients that like more of a natural look. Because the lash band is clear you don’t have that thick eye liner streak across your eye'.

There are times when the natural look just doesn't cut it and you want to make an impact. If you want to feel sexy, if you want to add drama, if you want every man and woman in the room to be focused on you and you alone, this is when the “Helen Dowsley Favourite or Inlove lash comes into its own.

These lashes are perfect for that special night out when your basic make-up routine needs a dynamic lift. Your eyes will instantly seem more enticing, more alluring, and more hypnotic. To recreate that sexy siren look is so simple and so quick but the results are magnificent. Helen says:' each lash, though fine and silky adds a voluptuous quality to your own eyelashes so your look is transformed. Because Helen Dowsley lashes are delicate and light, they do not add weight

and so still retain that natural quality, but there is high-drama and the eyes are more enticing and more animated. There's no question; this is a hot look and a very glamorous one'.

Helen has used lashes for years as her secret weapon. it is her instant trick to making celebrities' look great, feel confident and ooze glamour and sex-appeal. Helen knew this secret was special and that by sharing it she would make so many women feel confident and more beautiful.

Helen knows that so many women would love to boost their natural look by using lashes but often feel they are too tricky and take ages to apply. Helen says;’ I understand that the idea of applying lashes is scary and time-consuming for a lot of women. But my lashes are different. I have a simple and straightforward technique which is my secret to sexy eyes and is a success each time. Your eyes will be enchanting and entrancing in no time.

Apply small amount of lash glue to the back of your hand. Hold the lash up against your eye to check the measurement. Cut to desired length, apply glue to lash band, using my tweezers hold the lash, slide the lash on top of your lash and slide up to the root, and hold in place for about 5 seconds. Make sure the lash stops short by 2 lashes on the outer corner; this will ensure you give the illusion of a lift. (Tip: I like to apply a layer of lashes together for very special occasions and make those eyes pop)

So if you want to look great, feel powerful and sexy and love life, Helen Dowsley Ethically Sourced Lashes.


“Vegan and animal cruelty free”